Welcome to Fitness News Today


     We are launching Fitness News Today, www.fitnessnewstoday.com, to promote good health and quality living.  The most precious gift that anyone can have is good health.  Often, we take good health for granted. Only when people get sick or are in pain and cannot go to work or school do they realize how important good health is.  Fitness News Today is here to educate and motivate to help people maintain good health.  Welcome to our site and visit often.


Features on Fitness New Today


1.     Fitness News – We have a newsfeed of fitness topics that has interesting articles that change frequently.  Currently, there are articles on bootcamp weekends, yoga poses, and how to exercise with a kettlebell.


2.     Videos – We have an assortment of videos organized by subject matter. There are videos on diet and weight loss, exercise routines like Zumba or Yoga and weight lifting.  You can watch them or exercise along with the video.


3.     Shopping for exercise equipment -  We have an online store that sells a wide variety of fitness products.  You can order a T-shirt, fitbit or exercise bike.  There is a list of categories on the side and you can scroll through the pages to order the item you want.


4.     Other -  We have a BMI calculator so you can quickly check your BMI index.  If it is not what you want, you can work toward a desired goal.  There is ESPN radio so you can listen to sports talk. 


      We hope you like the site and find it interesting and educational.  Please send us any suggestions for things you would like to see on the site.  We hope everyone enjoys good health. Have a healthy and enjoyable summer!


 In Good Health,


Neal Dickman

Founder and CEO

June 23, 2017